The Cloud

The Cloud is an instance of Nextcloud, a productivity collaboration platform analogous to Google Drive. An instance is an autonomous version of a web service. In Nextcloud's case, even though there exists an official service maintained by the developpers, we are totally indendant from them. The only thing that ties us to the official instance is that we use the same underlying technology, hosted on our own infrastructure.

The Agora

The Agora is an instance of Mastodon, a decentarilized microblogging social media network that exists within a larger federation in community called the Fediverse. Presenting itself as an alternative to Twitter, it represents a federated alternative to the siloed model of traditionnal social media networks. It's as if you could follow your grand-mother from Facebook, with your Instagram account. In practice, this allows you to follow accounts that are hosted on other independant instances, from your account on Ilot. A post that you like can be boosted, which can then be boosted by those who follow your account. It is thus a social network model where the propagation technology is human rather than algorithmic.

The Wiki

The Wiki is an instance of Wiki.JS, a wiki engine that acts as a knowledge base for the community and for the membership. Since the membership is engaged with various causes, we can expect this space to eventually become a resource for those whose values matches ours.

The Lab

The Lab is an instance of GitLab, a forge based on Git that enables easier collaboration between developpers. As of now, it is the main developpment space for ilot, thus it is more used by the technical working group. If you are a developper, or use Git in your workflow, this is a cooperative alternative to GitHub. If you are curious, all of our known issues our tracked here. Our very own website uses GitLab Pages as its backend and its source-code can be found here.

Our Auxillary Services

The following platforms are more there as a support role. They allow better management of the other platforms, and they are here to give you an overview of our infrastructure.