ilot is a cooperative corner of the internet. We operate different free and open-source platforms, like Nextcloud and Mastodon, all integrated together by a shared authentication system. We aim to eventually incorporate as a cooperative to create a digital infrastructure that is by and for its users as an alternative to the siloed and privatized internet of today. Members fund our operations and decide how to set our community policies, steward our data, and manage our shared technologies. Members also provide the labor to run ilot at all levels.

The project is currently in beta, as there is still a lot of work left to do. While the technical infrastructure is setup and stable, the governance and community guidelines are still a work in progress. If you are interested in joining ilot, visit our registration form.

ilot was started in 2021 when AESA-CIRI, the sociology, anthropology and immigration studies sudent association of UQAM, wanted to create its own digital infrastructure. Since then, we have worked toward the goal of making the project useful to other organisations and individuals.

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To learn more please visit some of the pages:

Platforms - The online spaces we use and manage
Archives - Archives of our communications with our members
Support - Guides for how to do things on ilot and to get help